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Fire Prevention Plans

Recent changes in permitting regulations and regulatory guidance means that a significant amount of waste sites now require an approved Fire Prevention Plan (FPP).

A FPP is now needed for many existing Standard Rules environmental permits, new bespoke permits and permit variations.

These documents are lengthy and require as much detail as possible. However, the nature of the guidance is contradictory and actually conflicts with other policies of the regulator.

One such example of this is the use of a building for waste storage. The use of an enclosed building is encouraged as this limits the amount of emissions such as dust, litter and odours. However, under the FPP guidance any enclosed building requires to be fitted with adequate fire alarm and sprinkler systems. Also, a suitably sized quarantine area needs to be established with restrictions on stockpiles of combustible materials.

Our aim is to advise and to produce and submit the relevant information to have a FPP approved by the regulator. Without an approved document, waste operators may not be able to operate or have their operations significantly restricted.

The regulator is fully aware of the problems that operators are facing concerning the FPP guidance. Our experience has shown that it is possible to work with the regulator to achieve the goal of having an approved FPP in place.

We have now had many FPP submissions approved for our client's existing and intended operations.

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